What we offer…

Global-Link Business Foundation Limited, either directly or through one of its daughter or partner companies is able to offer the international community, be it government or private sector, the following services:

Government Bond Structuring

We have the capacity to operate in close cooperation with various departments of government, not limited to their Reserve, Federal, or Central Bank. This liaison would usually entail our advice and structuring of government issued bonds for purposes of attracting investment, or financing of domestic civil or social programs, beyond the usual approach to the World Bank or International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Government Liaison for purchase of strategic minerals

We constantly monitor international commodity markets and analyse minute by minute trends of their financial movements.’ This enables us to accurately formulate predictions of values for investment/sale purposes, but more importantly enables us to accurately gauge the floating value of mineral backed government bonds traded globally. Our investment clients rely on our close government liaison for their purchases, especially gold and oil.

Corporation / Government liaison

Global-Link Business Foundation Limited, as part of its membership program, provides for its members a platform or forum where they are able to come together on various aspects of government sector influence or interference. Depending on the merits of any particular issue (voted on democratically), this/these issue/s will be brought to the attention of the correct departments of government by Global-Link, for corrective action. The health of any economy depends on the fluidity of its private sector. Global-Link makes that happen.

Purchase and sale of Crude Oil/ petrochemical products

Global-Link Business Foundation Limited is wholly committed to the energy industry world-wide. In this sense Global-Link is an international buyer and seller of crude oil through its associate refineries, and or, through its sister company, Global-Link Energy Corporation.

International Crude oil and petro-product shipping

Through the perfect coordination of its sister company, Global-Link Energy Corporation. Global-Link has the ability to ship any cargo across the Globe, at any moment, not limited to crude oil, or oil related products.

Assistance to Governments in structuring urgent relief programs for refugee populations.

When one considers the plight of innocent men, women, and children, who have had their lives devastated by the ravages of war, one would expect that politicians of war mongering nations would at least accommodate and/or compensate these victims, most of whom have lost everything. These refugees have been forced to flee their comfort zones for fear of their lives. Many do not survive. Those who do, end up in refugee camps, always under the worst of conditions. The world has learnt that bullets change governments far quicker than votes, hence the eradication of this problem is impossible. We at Global-Link dedicate our expertise to assisting affected neighbouring countries in easing this extremely difficult and delicate matter.

Stimulation of trade between governments

Global-Link has found common ground between governments of countries who wish to barter or trade their products with each other, especially in the food and produce arena. This common ground is initially stimulated, and then nurtured by us upon request of any nation wishing to seek new trading partners.

Stimulation of trade between the international commercial industries

The major advantage of being a Global-Link member, is that as a member you are integrated into our network of corporate members across the globe. As such you are introduced to either buyers for your products, or suppliers of products which you would wish to purchase at highly competitive rates, or suppliers of raw materials which your manufacturing company may need.

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