Under the watchful and expert direction of its Executive Management Team

International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Trader

An international oil and gas trader committed to economically viable sales; devoted to an innovative global offshore strategy; and steadfast in the efficient growth and distribution of global energy.

Prospect, Produce & Refine

Currently negotiating a joint venture with European and Latin American refineries. Our Company will have the capacity to refine one hundred and fifty thousand barrels of oil per day, of its own crude, in due course.

Marine Cargo Transportation

We are able to negotiate competitive rates with major shipping lines for crude oil transportation services on a global basis.

The long term goal of Global-Link Energy Corporation is the acquisition of crude oil on a world wide basis and the refining thereof so as to produce petrochemical products in short global supply. We are also extremely interested  in other forms of energy, and energy related projects in partnership with international industry leaders striving to capture the value chain in the oil and gas sector.

Global-Link Energy Corporation

has grown from an idea into a formidable crude oil trader in the past year. Our rate of expansion and development in a shrinking market is nothing short of impressive. As each day passes we are becoming more expert in the oil and gas industry, and as such, are becoming highly sought after by industry leaders with decades of experience. Although relatively young our arms have already penetrated into central Africa, Russia, China and Latin America.

During the course of our plotted development and diversification, our services will be expanded to include transportation of General cargo, Crude Oil, Chemical, Liquefied Petroleum Gas “LPG” and Dry Bulk. This expansion and diversification will be conducted in a joint venture effort with negotiated shipping lines.

Deep consideration is continuously giving to the current global status of both politics and economy, both parameters which affect crude oil consumption and hence production. As a result the company is embarking on a course of trading in financial derivative markets, using crude oil values as the base, for and on behalf of select clients. As a result of the progressive diversification and expert executive structure of the company, Global-Link Energy Corporation will in due course commence encouraging the development of innovative new business projects, and in meritorious cases may provide both management and funding to ensure the success of these innovations. We are also about to launch our “spot-deal” international trading data base on this web-site which will modernize and revolutionize the marketing of crude oil and related products, world-wide to the advantage of both vendor and buyer. We are extremely excited as this is the first time in the history that such a venture will be initiated in the oil industry.