GLOBAL-LINK ENERGY CORPORATION, after having worked at honing its skills in the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY, and obtaining professional acceptance in this tight-knit community, has now simultaneously turned its focus toward the industry of CLEAN ENERGY. The aim of Global-Link Energy Corporation is to walk in step with the clean energy industry, with a view to contributing to it innovative research and development which will ultimately, completely, revolutionise power generation and its usage on this planet. In so doing, man can, and will, finally evolve from the cave, and step away from use of fire as his energy source.

For a young dynamic company to succeed in this endeavour, we realised that Global-Link Energy Corporation, on its own, lacked both the technical expertise, and experience to be able to impact this industry in the short term. As a result we have embarked on a joint venture with global market leaders in “Wind-Turbine Energy” and “Solar Energy,” and acquired two new partners, namely WWI Investment Corp., and WWI LUMINAR Innovation, Development and Technology S.L., who will head up research and development in the field of “Cosmic Quantum Spin Energy.”

In entering these joint ventures, and acquiring the partners as described, we have not only amassed the technical expertise which we lacked, but have collectively gained over 100 years of experience as well. As a result, Global-Link Energy Corporation is now qualified to design and recommend solutions which will resolve the ecological balance while maintaining a healthy respect for the global environment. This in turn will allow Global-Link to integrate renewable energy across urban, rural, and/or industrial power grids, thus enabling a sustainable chronological development.

We are capable of designing layout, and building any unit for solar energy, wind energy, solar-wind tower energy, and in the near future “quantum spin energy reactors.” Generation of electricity for any application can be installed, and can be produced in any desired amount. This includes sufficient energy for housing units, demarcated geographical areas, or for entire countries.

Global-Link Energy Corporation

now has full technical, professional, and financial capability to provide to its customers all the technical know-how, and experience needed for the realization of any project on renewable energy. We investigate, analyse, and identify the needs of the market, and then dedicate all our professional experience to the execution of projects, from simple advice to the completion of each project, and the financing thereof.



  • Years of experience in the project planning of various dimensions.
  • All services inherent in the development and implementation of energy projects are managed from start to finish.
  • Affordable prices thanks to long term cooperation and agreements with the manufacturers of the main components.
  • Reliable business relations with banks and investors.
  • Competent technical and business management, with a growing number of satisfied customers.
  • Experience in sophisticated systems for projection, supply, and construction of plants “Turnkey” (EPC).
  • Experience in projects with “Buying and selling of power electric” (PPP) contracts, in countries without feeding rate (Feed-in tariff).
  • Cooperation agreements of prestigious institutions in generating knowledge at global, and local levels.
  • Implementation of pilot projects in new regions which seriously consider local conditions.

GLOBAL-LINK ENERGY CORPORATION is a company with a clean environmental vocation which, since its inception, is aligned to the development of projects of high technological value. Today GLOBAL-LINK is the first company worldwide to collectively operate globally in areas of photovoltaic, wind, bioenergy (biogas and biomass), hydropower and geothermal energy. In due course we will become one of the most solid companies in the sector, able to provide a fast, efficient, and professional response to any project linked to the world of renewable energy and its multiple applications. We expect that our new “cosmic quantum spin energy reactors,” will revolutionize the future of power on this planet, and provide energy, and the maintenance thereof, at ridiculously low cost. This sector is currently undergoing its research and development phase, and will require an additional estimated Five Billion United States Dollar investment which we shall seek from the markets, or finance from our fossil fuel sector.


We concentrate on Wind Turbines

We perfect the capture of Solar Energy